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The blog for more income with P2P lending and ETF

The three best P2P platforms in Europe

About Me

Aleks Bleck

My name is Aleks and I run the with Northern Finance largest and fastest growing Channel with a focus on P2P loans in German-speaking countries. 

I've been investing for six years and blogging for three years about this exciting asset class and earn 10-12% per year yourself.


Besides best platforms for p2p lending I blog about ETFs, the most important and easiest way to build up long-term wealth. Here you always stay up to date on brokers, savings plans and favorable conditions.


I give you mine Knowledge from investment and corporate banking with and visit the P2P platforms on siteso that you can better assess the risks, opportunities and current developments in this area

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This is what the community says about Northern Finance

Great overview of different platforms and their loans. Always up to date.
Your videos and all the work you put in here are simply worth gold! Thanks for that.
Great content! Still.

As the largest and fastest growing community in Europe with a focus on P2P lending, you will always find the latest information, developments and the best exchange with other investors with us. In addition to the alternative investments, you will also find the latest information and comparison to conventional investments in ETFs and ETF savings plans, as well as summaries of important financial policy events, such as plans to increase taxes and their specific effects on private investors.

At Northern Finance you will only be presented with products and services that Aleks also uses and is convinced of. If this changes with a product / service, you will also be notified immediately in new videos. Aleks also takes his experience from investment and corporate banking with him into the world of private investors and regularly holds talks and interviews with all the companies mentioned in order to offer you the greatest possible transparency.

In the first place we post Videos every Wednesday and Sunday on YouTubeif you prefer to read there will be two every week new articles on the blog released! You can also do the weekly Podcasts subscribe, as well as new content every day Instagram. get and now and then too TikToks : )

If you have any questions about P2P lending, this is the best place to look Personal Loans Forum and if you have any questions about ETFs, you can ask them under the corresponding video. Alternatively, you can send a message to Aleks via Email or Instagram. write, but you must not expect investment advice, as this would contradict §34f ff.

Founder and operator of the YouTube channel, the Facebook and Instagram pages Northern Finance, as well as the group Forum for Personal Loans - P2P Community DE, AT & CH is Aleks Bleck. Born and raised in Frankfurt am Main, Aleks now lives in Pafos on the west coast of Cyprus and has blogged twice a week about P2P and ETFs for three years.

If you want to invest your money in stocks and ETFs for the long term, it's best to start here.

If you already have a deposit and are interested in P2P loans, there is the current rating with the best platforms in Europe

Northern Finance
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